Boccia Scoreboard

Keep track of time, score, ends, and more.

In Control

A simple interface with big, tappable buttons that anyone can use.

Begin with a warm up and take a time out between ends.

Keep track of the score and time, then progress to the next end with
just a tap. Make corrections with another tap.

On the Big Screen

Players and spectators get a clear view of important game information. Display names, scores, times and ends on a separate screen in stunning high definition.


BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4
BC3, BC4


Select the players’ classification for the match, and the scoreboard will automatically use the correct number of ends and time allowance.

Other options include:

  • Mixed – a version to get everyone playing together
  • Boccia 12s – a two end, six minute, quick play version.
  • Custom – allows you to specify your own number of ends, time allowance and timeouts. Perfect for training.
Boccia App Match Type iPad Screen
Boccia App Custom iPad Screen
Boccia App Player/Team Names iPad Screen
Boccia App Warm Up iPad Screen
Boccia App Time Out iPad Screen
Boccia App Settings iPad Screen

Team/Player Names

Add team or player names for display on the iPad and HDTV screen.

Warm Up & Time Outs

Optional 2 minute warm ups and time outs.


A chime alerts players and referees at 1 minute, 30 seconds, 10 seconds remaining, and when time is up.


Enter a club or tournament name to be shown on the big screen between matches.


Player/team names, scores, time remaining and ends are displayed in high definition for players and spectators to view throughout the match.

Boccia Scoreboard Warm Up Screen HDTV
Boccia Scoreboard Game Screen HDTV
Boccia Scoreboard Game Screen 2 HDTV
Boccia Scoreboard Time Out Blue Screen HDTV
Boccia Scoreboard Time Out Red Screen HDTV
Boccia Scoreboard Game Screen 3 HDTV
Boccia Scoreboard Game Over Screen HDTV
Boccia Scoreboard Custom Title Screen HDTV

Official Scoreboard

Boccia England

The Boccia Scoreboard was developed in partnership with Boccia England and is the official scoreboard used in national and international tournaments.

Available on the App Store

Get the app and start using it on your iPad.

Boccia Scoreboard

All features and categories.
£44.99 / €44,99 / $59.99

Boccia Scoreboard on App Store


All you need to get started is an iPad.

If you want to display scores on a big screen, you’ll also need Apple’s Digital AV Adapter or an Apple TV.

Apple Digital AV Adapter

Available to purchase online through the Apple Store or from Apple retailers. Simply connect the adapter to an iPad 2, new iPad or iPad mini and then connect to a 1080p HDTV with a standard HDMI cable. Go even bigger with a high definition projector.

Wireless Scoreboard

AirPlay support is now available, allowing you to connect wirelessly to an Apple TV – no more cables. Apple TV is also available to purchase online through the Apple Store or from Apple retailers.

Multiple Scoreboards

Each scoreboard requires its own Boccia Scoreboard App.


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